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Architectural Design

You can add a touch of metal to any home. Counter tops, table tops, light fixtures or wall treatment. All can add a personal touch whether out of copper, zinc, brass or stainless steel, metal will add a unique look.

 copper bathroom vanity with mirror frame

Copper washroom vanity with matching copper framed mirror. Copper is textured with an applied patina. Warm and inviting.

Zinc island counter top. Zinc is textured with light patina applied. Counter has matching zinc strapping around edge with decorative hardware.

Zinc island counter
bronze metal wall treatment fireplace surround

Copper wall treatment, fireplace surround. Copper has a bronze patina applied.

Interior patch work barn doors with an applied rust patina. Each door mounted on an easy to slide frame.

 metal interior barn doors

Textured stainless steel dining table with a perimeter stainless strapping. Strapping has decorative brads patinaed to match table.

Stainless steel kitchen table top
Textured copper bar counter
Textured copper bar counter
Textured copper bar counter

Shide Park Tavern at the Oakland Coliseum. Textured copper left raw. It will patina naturally over time.

Blacken steel metal fireplace surround

Blacken steel wall treatment, surrounding fireplace and tv. 

Simple, clean, elegant zinc fireplace surround.

Textured copper island counter top with decorative blacken steel strapping.

Copper island counter top
zinc fireplace surround
Zinc dining room table top

Zinc dining table tops

Zinc dining room table top
Copper mirror frame

Copper tables with matching mirror. Custom blacken steel frame.

Copper door fronts
copper door fronts
Weaved metal cabinet drawers
Cabinet fronts , drawer fronts out of stainless steel weaved metal with an applied patina. Framed glass cabinets out of stainless steel with matching patina.
Stainless steel framed cabinets
Stainless steel framed cabinets
The fabrication of stainless steel frames for glass cabinets is a time consuming process, but the end product is fabulous.
Copper, steel fireplace surround
Stainless steel framed cabinets
Copper steel fireplace surround
Blacken Steel Wall treatment

Blacken Steel Wall treatment

Fireplace wall treatment
Texture Zinc Table Top
Zinc Table Top
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