Wall Mount Kitchen Hoods
Each of our custom wall mount kitchen hoods has the option of coming with a stainless steel interior, stainless steel baffle filters, halogen lights and a variable exhaust fan speed control. Exhaust fans are separate and can be interior ( inside the hood) or remote. (usually on the roof) You can vent your kitchen hood through the top or through the side wall. Wall mount hoods like can take the whole space from ceiling to bottom of the hood or have a matching stack. Also available for our wall mount kitchen hoods is a  Vent-A-Hood interior.


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SCL# 704906

Custom zinc wall mount hood. Hood has standing seams, zinc is textured and a patina applied. Decorative brads on the bottom channel

Apple red panels with a stainless steel frame. This hood was built to match the range below

All brass wall mount hood, with a sweeping radius, brass strapping and decorative brass brads. This particular hood has no patina, it is raw brass sealed to prevent color changes.

Can not say enough about this fabulous bell shaped zinc custom hood. Note the concave, convex shape of the body as while as the front strapping. Topping it off with a top and bottom hand forged crown molding shape.

Custom wall mount hood approx 12'x 6'. Copper with applied patina. Textured copper strapping with applied patina. Hand formed copper bull nose edging.

Love Love this simplistic looking wall mount hood. Made of steel with a brownish patina and stainless steel accents.Custom interior out of stainless steel with lights and filters.

Copper convex wall mount hood. Copper and strapping have an applied patina. Strapping has functional as well as decorative copper brads.

These three hoods where fabricated for three custom homes located in the Truckee CA area. All three are the same straight taper design and fabricate out of copper, but with very different accents and different applied patinas they are all unique.

Both of these hoods have a matching stack which serves to cover the exhaust vent pipe. One on left is textured copper with a stainless steel band for accent. the on on the right is textured zinc with blacken steel band, bottom and center.

Two copper hoods with similar applied patinas. One concave the other convex.

Wall mount kitchen hood fabricated from textured copper. Hood has a hand forged crown molding with a convex bottom channel and copper strapping in front for a nice added detail.

These three hoods are very similar in shape and placement between two cabinets. The one on the far right has a sweep on the top channel, while the other two have a straight top channel. As you can see varying the metals, patinas and texture make these three hoods unique from each other

Copper is a warm metal, it adds just that feel to your kitchen. This hood is textured copper with an applied patina. The decorative strapping is fabricated from hammered  blacken steel.